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Minnesota Lake Rice
Canadian Lake Rice

Welcome to KCs Best Wild Rice - Cultivated wild rice, Minnesota Wild rice, Lake Wild Rice

Minnesotaís Finest Wild Rice!

Welcome to KCís Best Wild Rice - Here you'll be able to find and purchase premium wild rice . . . grown, harvested and cultivated from both northern Minnesota and Canada.

KC's Best Wild Rice offers the finest quality wild rice from Minnesota and Canada. Whether harvested by hand on natural lakes by Leech Lake and White Earth Bands of Ojibwe or machine harvested, both styles of wild rice are carefully grown with tradition and value in mind.

Today, most wild rice is grown in paddy fields and is planted and harvested by machine. This keeps up with product demand and also keeps the cost down, while still providing a quality and flavorful product. The savings is passed on to our customers. Some styles of wild rice are still grown and harvested the same as it was done centuries ago - by canoe and knocking sticks. The harvested rice is parched with special care to ensure texture, flavor and its natural goodness.

Our Products

Minnesota Cultivated

Buy Extra Fancy Wild Rice, Minnesota Cultivated

KCís Best Minnesota Cultivated Long Grain Wild Rice: Long grain, extra fancy Minnesota wild rice - our most popular and best selling wild rice! Cultivated and parched from the paddy fields of Minnesota. Its dark black finish gives a great plate presentation! Perfect for wild rice soup, hot dish, casseroles, sausages and brats, pancakes, and more.

Purchase Soup Grade Wild Rice, Minnesota Cultivated

KCís Best Minnesota Cultivated Soup Grade Wild Rice: Broken pieces of our long grain wild rice. Perfect for soups, baking, breads, stuffing and more!

Buy Instant Wild Rice

KCís Best Minnesota Cultivated Instant Wild Rice: One of the most innovative products to hit the wild rice market! It takes only 5 minutes to have your wild rice ready to eat! Same great flavor and characteristics as it's longer cooking counterpart! A great recipe for this instant wild rice, a 7 Minute Wild Rice Hotdish, is a fantastic meal ready in a short amount of time! Also, thanks to its short preparation and cooking time, KC's Best Instant Wild Rice is great for camping!

Minnesota Lake Rice

Hand Harvested Wild Rice, Leech Lake band of Ojibwe

KCís Best Hand Harvested Minnesota Wild Rice: From the Headwaters Region of the Mighty Mississippi. Traditional, natural hand harvested wild rice with a light brown finish from Minnesota's heartland. Hand harvested the way it has been done for centuries!

Canadian Lake Rice

Purchase Canadian Lake Machine Harvested Wild Rice

KCís Best Natural Canadian Lake Wild Rice: 100% All-Natural Canadian Lake Wild Rice. This wild rice is airboat harvested by the First Nations people of Canada and has a light brown finish. Itís fast cooking and has the biggest, nicest grain weíve seen. A best buy!

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